De Man Pillet (formerly De Man, Pilotte) is a law firm located in Montreal which, since its creation in 2000, has offered legal services to its national and international clients in the areas of maritime law, transportation law, civil and commercial litigation, as well as intellectual property.

Our team represents its clientele before the Quebec provincial courts, the Federal courts, the Tax Court of Canada, administrative tribunals as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.

We also appear before arbitration tribunals and offer advice on all methods of alternative dispute resolution.


De Man Pillet offers legal advice and services to Canadian and international stakeholders on a wide array of issues throughout the marine industry.


De Man Pillet has vast experience serving clients in the areas of road, rail, air and marine transportation.


Disputes are an unfortunate and at times inevitable risk of doing business. De Man Pillet will work with its clientele to avoid such conflicts from occurring in the first place and will provide them with the expertise to tackle disputes once they do arise.


De Man Pillet acts as counsel for insurers and insureds in both marine and non-marine insurance matters, including disability claims.


The law firm advises its business clients whose needs vary from creating and maintaining their company organisation at both provincial and federal levels.


The law firm assists its clients in intellectual property matters, namely with the filing and registration of trademarks in Canada as well as abroad, in addition to copyright and industrial design.